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Specialist Cables

For use in severe environments, offering high performance cables for hazardous applications.

Overview - Features & Benefits
• Working voltages from 50 to 20,000V
• Electromagnetic protection
• Protection against crushing, vibration, tension, torsion, friction and repetitive bending.
• Nuclear, chemical, defence, sub sea, petro-chemical, off-shore oil and gas

Nuclear - Features & Benefits
• Flame & fire retardant to IEC 332-1/332-3
• Resist radiation doses up to 200 Mrads (Mulrad 2 product range)
• Cables in accordance to Cogema La Hague & Cogema Melox specification
(centre for the enrichment and re-treatment of uranium)
• Cable types 10 Nouvelle Generation
• Mulrad 2 cables
• Roborad cables for nuclear robotics

Defence - Features & Benefits
• Hybrid cables for telescopic antennae
• Cables for sub-marine detection
• Cables for sub-marine external link
• Cables for tanks
• Electro-mechanical cables for a variety of underwater devices
• Armoured and unarmoured, screened and unscreened cables.

Sub-Sea - Features & Benefits
For cables used in sub-sea environments, all functions must be assembled under one jacket. Utilising the latest design technology allows cables to be designed to resist high mechanical stresses. Functions include:
• Power supply wires
• Hydraulic supply (high pressure tubes)
• Pneumatic supply and control
• Electrical control wires
• Electrical signal (coaxial or screened pair)
• Optical signal (optical fibre)

Electronics - Features & Benefits
Miniaturised conductors and insulation materials suitable for use in micro-electronic applications. Offering constructions that can incorporate sheaths of 2 - 19 polyamide tubes that can supply any type of machine with pneumatic controls and devices.
• Automotive sensor cables
• Spiral cables for sensors
• Miniaturised cables for strain gauges
• An extensive range of coaxial cables
• Cables for ultrasound and medical devices Pneumatics

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